About Me



My name is Lisa C. Levesque, and a Graduate of the Library and Information Science program at the University of Western. I’m an Assessment and Evaluation Librarian at Ryerson University Library and Archives. In previous lives I have worked as an ERM Librarian, Institutional Repository Assistant, and have been an ESL teacher in Taiwan, worked for a not-for-profit think tank, written for a magazine, and done a little marketing. I continue to write and practice visual art.

I don’t wear a bun, and I travel less than I would like.

I am pictured here wearing my standard issue librarian cardigan. This is a telling sign of my investment in libraries, and it suggests my other interests: open access initiatives, freedom of information, and the spread of knowledge. I have an M.A. in English Literature from The University of Ottawa, and I have long been fascinated with 19th Century American authors, contemporary Canadian literature, and Material Culture Studies.

If you’d like to contact me, please email me using this handy dandy form that will filter out spam.



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