Time: is it on my side? An Inquiry


As of week 3 of library school, which is a rather busy program at Western, to say the least, what I’m finding the most difficult with is my sense of time.

I don’t find time management particularly hard. I already have one Master’s degree (yes, I’m a member of over-achievers-are-us) and I’ve worked for a few years in positions where time management was key, so that isn’t the issue. Instead, it feels like my sense of time is just off.

Sometimes, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I’m running from class to home, to the library to the GRC. Others, it feels like I’m on top of all of my school work, and able to take the time to enjoy the ride. I’m sure that feeling won’t last, but it’s nice while it does. And it’s nice to feel like I’ve accomplished so much so soon into the program, because I have. This is no slacker profession.

Mostly, I think that in the near future I’ll be spending a lot of evenings like this smug little fellow up above, reading alone on date night. Except when I do it, there will be more wine involved, and the book will probably be a reference book, because LIBRARIANS. This is how we do.


Image Credit: http://doecdoe.blogspot.ca


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